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(double album,the best of 10 years)

“...The one is an unusual case in the Peninsula that it personifies to Al Tall. It is a grouping of multiinstrumentalist singers and given to an extensive task of recovery of the aged treasure of music and the traditional song of all Mediterranean (with special incidence in the one of the Valencian Country), but with a clear unfolk intention, in the sense to summarize all that heap from the present perspective and coming off itself the museística reconstruction of distant telephoto lens, in which often other students of the subject fall. In this process, the group Al Tall has obtained important profits, authenticated by the unequivocal popular adhesion... Al Tall demonstrated his admirable instrumental multivalence shiningly, his intelligent combination of sounds in a line of recuperadora update of Mediterranean airs, the North, the South and the islands of the interior, from the front sight of the Valencian Country, and used his vocal versatility very accurately, at individual level and of assembly. It is a very attractive recital that, given its peculiarities, must within the framework receive presumably its more exact dimension when it takes place outdoors to total sun and, of the traditional celebrations of the luminous Mediterranean earth ribereña...” (LA VANGUARDIA, 1985. Concerts dessé aniversari en el Saló del Tinell de Barcelona).

  CD 1   CD 2
1 A una oreneta que em desvetllà a trenc d'alba 1 Processó
2 Hala mare 2 Cant de Maulets
3 L'hereu riera 3 La garrofera
4 La massurca de l'agredolç 4 La ploma de perdiu
5 La porquerola 5 El fantasma
6 Per Mallorca 6 Bolero
7 Les Tomasines 7 Romanç del carrascal
8 Tio Canya 8 La colometa
9 Ja vénen les vermaores 9 Persiles
10 Pere de la mel 10 Jota desconeguda
11 Dansa de les espies 11 Flor de marge
12 Nuclears? No, Gràcies    
13 Lladres    
14 La Polca    
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