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1994.- EUROP EU!

This repertoire refreshes history which they carried out thousands of Valencian emigrants - and European in general in fled his towards Algeria, from principles of century XX to end of the years 60, and the return of its children (pieds noirs) to Alacant. It marks a time in the musical evolution of the group by some of his rythmical formulas.

1994-1995.- Campaign 20 anniversary: extraordinary concerts with the collaboration of Mª del Mar Bonet, Muluk el Hwa, Jan Mª Carlotti and previous musicians of the formation. Editing of the video Europ eu!. Concession of the Prizes Èxits d’Or del disco catalán, Cartelera Turia, Miquelet d’Honor, Revista Enderrock, Radio-4.

1 La danseta
2 Joan i Karima
3 Torne al meu poble
4 Aquell matí
5 Danseta
6 I esta és la història, amics
7 Europ Eu
8 A ballar les danses


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