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Vicent Torrent, Manuel Miralles and Miquel Gil formed the band on 1975.

Current Musicians: Vicent Torrent, Manuel Miralles, Jordi Reig, Enric Banyuls, Xavier Ahuir, Robert Moreno, Maribel Crespo.

Other musicians who played in the past:

Enric Esteve, Enric Ortega, Pep Gómez, Empar Torres, Vicent Cortina
Ximo Caffarena, Eliseo Parra, Ferran S. Manzaneque,Vicent Alonso
Vicent Hervàs, Eladio Reinón, Joseph Rodilla, Ángel Estellés
Xema Senabre, Vicent-Lluis Fontelles, Ramon Garcia, Montse Anfruns
Maribel Crespo, Josemi Sánchez, José V. Morillo, Miguel Blanco

Instruments: Dulzaina, sax, recorder flutes, accordion,
electric & acoustic guitars , large guitar, bandurria, lute,
baritone lute, greek bouzouki, mandolin, electric bass, keyboards, drums,
small percussions.

From left to right: Robert, Jordi, Vicent, Xavier, Enric, Maribel, Manuel.
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