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A renovating approach to traditional music: repertoire mainly newly created with existing texts and music that fuses elements from different Mediterranean traditions.

AL TALL, since its formation in 1975, has released 17 LPs and several singles. Has to his credit with over a thousand live performances, which include various stages of France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Mexico.

AL TALL part -along with Milladoiro (Galicia), Oskorri (Euskadi) and Nuevo Mester de Juglaría (Castilla) - kernel devoted folk music of the Iberian traditions as a modern genre from which have developed subsequently hundreds of groups and the various tendencies of folk wave.

AL TALL creates and performs in the folk trend riproposta, Italian term that means the recovery not only of ancient melody and romance, but a modern creation based on the basic sounds and traditional forms of music. Thus, from the musical tradition of Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, the workshop has gone deep into the broader context of the whole Mediterranean music with a fusion of styles that set up his musical work as an important alternative in order to place Current music apart from other Mediterranean rhythms imported, in the international sphere in Western Europe. AL TALL at concerts, the brilliance of their melodies, with the correction of musical performance (more than fifteen different stringed instruments, wind and percussion) and his mastery of the stage, producing an immediate connection to the public either from the choice of a code that causes absolutely festive fun for the audience participation, and from the choice of a quiet repertoire offers the opportunity to hear more delicate and complex issues.


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Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya.
(Shame, gentlemen, shame.)

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35 anys de música mediterrània des del País Valencià.
Universitat d'Alacant
(35 years of Mediterranean music from Valencian Country.
University of Alicante

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